hair care. part 2.

No you’re not experiencing déjà vu, I am talking about haircare and Maple Holistics again! In my last post, I talked about their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and how it has done wonders for my scalp. Maple Holistics was kind enough to send me another shampoo to try and today I’m talking about their Argan Oil Shampoo. 

This shampoo truly makes my hair feel soft and healthy. I can almost immediately feel the softness after towel drying my hair. The smell is very mild and it’s also sulfate-free. I’ve heard about sulfate-free products, but never really understood what it meant. Turns out, sulfate can really dry out your skin and hair by stripping it of its natural oils. Which explains why my hair feels so good when using these shampoos. I love alternating between the Argan and Tea Tree Oil shampoos to keep my hair as healthy as possible. 

Do you use a sulfate-free shampoo and have you noticed a difference?