my mizzou story.

I wanted to write a blog post capturing everything about my four years at the University of Missouri (if that’s possible) and what my plans are moving forward. As well as show case my grad pics done by the wonderful Tori Vaughan! 

Disclaimer: this could get cheesy and overly heartfelt. 

When I was looking for a college I knew I wanted to go some where beyond my hometown of Springfield, MO. We have multiple colleges here, but I knew if I stayed I wouldn’t become as independent as I needed to be. I’m an only child and I’m very close to my parents, but I knew I needed to take that leap of faith for myself. 

I chose Mizzou because it was far enough away, but close enough to come home whenever I wanted. My dad also went to Mizzou, so it has always felt right. 

My first semester at Mizzou was rough. I was lonely and homesick. However, my parents told me I had to stay that entire first semester. Even though I started to make friends in my dorm and at my campus ministry, The Rock, I told everyone I was going home at semester. 

Obviously, I didn’t and honestly it was a total God thing. He knew Mizzou was where I needed to be. The Rock was a campus ministry I quickly got plugged into and it became my saving grace for my four years here. It could honestly be a post in itself!

Flash forward through four amazing years of growing in my faith, making amazing friends, gaining 300+ Alpha Chi Omega sisters, and creating so many memories with roommates - I graduated from the #1 journalism school in the country. 

Mizzou equipped me with the skills needed to place me in a career right out of college. S/O to MOJO Ad for being one of the best experiences. I know more about BENGAY® than I’d ever like to (they were our client). 

I have so many people to thank for the past four years, but I owe a ton of thanks to my parents. They made me stick it out that first semester and they allowed me to have this opportunity. The encouragement they provided over and over again was SO needed. They’re truly awesome. 

I’m so excited, yet nervous, to embark on a new chapter in Kansas City. Graduation is so bittersweet, but I have a feeling this next step will be amazing. 

Dress: Ann Taylor | Shoes: White House Black Market (old) | Lips: Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K

Thanks for following along with me beyond all of the #ootd's and outfit posts ;) 


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