my home away from home. part two.

As promised, I did a second overview of my room at school. If you didn't see my first post, check it out here. As mentioned before, I've loved making this space my own. For this post, I focused on my desk area. So between the two posts, you basically get a whole sense of what my room is like. As the post goes on, I've added links to all of the pieces or have found similar ones for you as well. 

Everyone has "a chair". You know...the one that spends more time collecting clothes than you spend sitting in it? LOL. I do love this chair, but it is so true! While I want to come off as neat as possible, we all have our secrets ;) 

My bulletin board is a DIY. I simply took a plain bulletin board, wrapped it in fabric, stapled it, and added hooks for hanging.

I also just realized after looking at this picture I need to change my calendar to March. Oops!  

Lalalalalove this hook from MarGorgeous Boutique. 

I've loved this little white desk. It has been perfect for my space!

These baskets have been great for accommodating my growing movie collection. They're so versatile and I know they'll be used for years to come! 

If you saw my instagram the other day, I joked this tray (similar here) makes eating in bed seem a little more classy. I eat in my room a lot, so it's been perfect for that. 

Annddd if you know me, I do love a good candle! I have three on rotation a the moment. 

My sweet friend Micayla painted this for me. I love its beautiful reminder.

Lastly, I debated on what to do with these pom-poms hanging for a while. Finally, I settled on this placement. It's fun addition for being a $3 find at Target. Speaking of, I've noticed (almost) everything linked in this post is from Target. And no, Target did not sponsor this post - I wish!

Hope you enjoyed my room tour! 

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