diy: photo banner.

I haven't done a lot of posts on decor, but through out college I've loved making my home-away-from-home more personal. I thought I'd give you all little peeks into how I've decorated my spaces. I did one on my dorm room my freshman year which you can see here.
However today I wanted to show you how I put together a little photo banner.

Artifact Uprising is a sweet little print shop where you can get prints or books made. Back in October they were giving away free sets of square prints (which is how I was introduced to this company). However now knowing how good these prints are, I'd totally recommend buying them. The paper is nice and thick and all of my photos look great!

So on to my banner!

It's so simple to put together. I used some twine, two push pins, and clips.

I eyeballed how long I wanted my twine to be by tacking it down on one side and stringing it across the wall. I then took it down and tied some knots in it so that my clips wouldn't all slide to the middle. 

You probably recognize some of these photos from my Instagram. And let me tell you, the hardest part of this project was choosing which photos made the cut! 

Like I said before, it's super easy and affordable. I love displaying some of my favorite places and things in a cute way! 

Twine: Amazon
Clips: Similar (I found mine at a craft store for a lot cheaper)
Push pins: Target


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