I know you all have heard me mention Rocksbox multiple times before, but I probably haven't fully explained it to you. 
RocksBox is a service that sends you three pieces of jewelry to wear on loan. You take a little style quiz so your stylist can get a feel for what you like to wear. This way, you're getting worthwhile pieces in your box. 

After your month is up, you can choose to send all the pieces back to get new ones or keep the ones you love at a discounted price (20% off!). Sending pieces back are so easy because every set comes with a pre-paid shipping label. I love it because I've never been a huge jewelry person. I wear the same pieces everyday. But this allows me to mix and match and wear pieces I maybe normally wouldn't. 

The customer service is also great and you get $10 of Shine Spend a month to use on your products so you're essentially getting another discount on top of the 20% off. 

I've really enjoyed all of the pieces I've received. I've bought two necklaces that I have linked in the widget below. The Gorjana V-Neck Necklace is my favorite and I wear it just about every day! Gorjana is probably my new favorite designer discovered through this. And I'll probably end up keeping these simple studs. 

 It is just $19 a month to receive a Rocksbox, BUT if you're reading this, you can get your first month FREE using the code katexoxo2

I really encourage you to at least try it out and treat yo self to a free month! 

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