the men's section.

Sweater: H&M | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Booties: Target | Sunnies: Amazon (only $5.50 + free shipping!)

Oh how I miss the fall foliage in these photos! Missouri decided to jump straight into winter and it's kind of miserable. However this look is great for transitioning from fall to winter (just add a coat, some gloves, a scarf, etc. to get ya by).

I found this sweater in the men's section of H&M and it's quite comical how many guys I know that own this sweater. I'm a sucker for stripes and I love the chambray touches on this. Despite my joke above, this sweater will be a great layering piece for this winter! 

Happy Wednesday!

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winter booties.

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I've recently been browsing the internet for booties. I have one pair that I really love, but I've been looking for some with smaller heels that are more practical for everyday wear. (I know this doesn't apply to numbers 1 or 3, but I couldn't resist throwing them in!) However, with being so tall, I don't always need the extra height, so a smaller heel is really appealing. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! 



Dress: H&M | Shoes: Lauren Conrad | Necklace: H&M

You know when you lose something and you search frantically trying to find it? Well that happened today with my memory card. I knew I needed to post today, but I hadn't put these photos on my computer yet. I searched my backpack and the two purses I use most frequently. 
But finally, I checked the inside pocket of my tote bag again and there it was! 
It would've been no big deal to buy a new card and retake the pictures, but there's so much relief knowing I didn't have to. So today I'm sharing this dress I wore to a fall wedding recently! I love the ruffle sleeves and the warm colored print. It's great for this time of year. 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

{Special thanks to my friend Emily for snapping these photos for me!}


in everything, give thanks - freebie

I love creating new iPhone backgrounds in my free time to not only play around with Adobe Illustrator, but to create something pretty you all can enjoy and use! I know this one is cutting it close to Thanksgiving, but personally I'll probably keep this as my lock screen for quite a while. 
As I mentioned in my last post, please let me know if the sizing is off for the iPhone 6. Since I have the iPhone 5, it's the only one I can test the lock screens on. 
Have a great day! 


game day.

Top: H&M (similar| Sweater: Lucy and Lyla |Jeans: Lucky Brand (similar| Boots: Steve Madden | Bag: The Limited (similar)

Ok so this isn't technically just a "game day" look, but I did wear this to our last home game! I ordered this oversized cardigan with thoughts of wearing it to colder games and it's perfect for that. It's probably the closest thing to wearing a snuggie in public (which I wish was socially acceptable some days!) Whether it be for game days or not, this cardigan will be worn a LOT this fall and winter. Sadly, the colder days are upon us. 
Hope you all had a good weekend!


{Special thanks to my friend Emily for snapping these photos for me!}


What's in my makeup bag?

First of all, I'm so excited to team up with GraceJacy, and Ashley for this "What's in my Makeup Bag" post!  They're all insanely talented so it's excited to partner with them for this! All of their posts are linked at the bottom.

Second, no, I do not look like this. Ever. But when I thought about makeup and creating this post, I instantly thought back to this fun "Seven Deadly Sins" photoshoot my dear friend Corinne did. I portrayed vanity so it seemed fitting for this post. Also give Corinne a follow on instagram. Her photos are seriously so incredible and artsy I don't know how she doesn't have a huge following: @corinnenday

I've accumulated so much makeup over the years it's insane. YouTube taught me everything I know about makeup and I became obsessed. So to include all of the makeup I own would be outrageous.

I'm sharing the products I used on a daily basis. I like to keep my makeup pretty minimal through out the day. I'm a college student and some weeks I don't even feel like I have enough time to eat, so spending a long time on my make up isn't a priority. I do like putting some form of makeup on for the day though just to have some sort of a routine in the morning.

(Also please disregard the horrible condition my products are in, at least you know I really do use them!)


1. Clinique Even Better Foundation: I use this foundation when I want maximum coverage, so I don't use it everyday. I've used this foundation for years and have always just continued buying it! 

2. Cover Girl Professional Loose Powder: When I use the Clinique liquid foundation I like to set it with this powder. I've found the combination to be great! 

3. Bare Minerals Matte: This is the foundation I use daily because of how easy it is to apply. It cuts out a lot of time and provides all of the coverage I need. 

4. Rimmel London Natural Bronzer: I use bronzer everyday just to give my face a little extra color. Not too much but just enough to contour a bit around my cheeks. 

5. MAC Studio Finish Concealer: Oh goodness gracious, where would we be without concealer? If I were to pick one makeup product to use it would be concealer...or mascara. But that's besides the point. This pot has lasted me a while and has been through a lot of travel (hence it being a little on the rough side) but I do love it. Can't beat MAC.

6. NARS Orgasm Blush: This is probably the most popular blush by NARS and I can attest to why. It's such a beautiful peachy, pink color with gold shimmer. Definitely a great blush!  

7. MAC Skinfinish Smooth Merge: MAC's skin finishes are always so gorgeous. I have three and I really love this one because of the three colors incorporated in it. Definitely great for using instead of blush or as a finish for a touch of shimmer. (However this color was limited edition, I've still linked to their main line of skin finishes)

8. Sigma Blush Brush: Make up brushes can totally break the bank, but I came across Sigma brushes and the quality is amazing and the price is even better. The brush numbers correlate directly to MAC brushes (if I'm not mistaken) so it's like getting a knock off for just a good quality. 

9. Sephora Bronzer Brushes: LOVE. I use these guys to apply my powder/Bare Minerals and bronzer. It's the same brush one is just older than the other, but I'm a huge fan for sure! 


1. Sigma Brushes: To rave about these brushes again, I bought the Essential's Kit way back when and with proper brush care, these brushes are still in great shape.

2. Sigma Eye Shadow: Funny enough this shadow came with my brushes and only recently did I start reaching for it more to use in my crease. (Note: this exact color is no longer on the website but I've linked a color that appears to be very similar)

3. MAC Naked Lunch Eye Shadow: My #1 go-to base color. Just an overall great neutral. 

4. Urban Decay Primer Potion: Can't forget to prime before you start putting your shadow on. This stuff makes it stay on all day long. 

5. Loreal Double Extend Mascara: Let me tell ya, I've tried a lot of mascaras and this is by far my favorite. Yes, I'll mix it up sometimes, but I always go back to this one. I love it because of the Beauty Tube feature. Which basically means it forms little tubes around your lashes so when you take off the mascara it comes off so easily. But it stays put all day. One of the most frustrating things is looking in the mirror after a long day to see you look like a raccoon because your mascara didn't stay put. This isn't like that. 

6. Loreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner: I really prefer liquid eyeliner just because it stays put. I do a small wing for my liner everyday and this has been the best product for that. Just like my mascara, I continuously buy it over and over. 

Wowzers that was a long post. But I really hope it was beneficial! Be sure to check out these other fabulous bloggers' posts to find out what they keep in their makeup bags! 

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