beautiful africa. part 1.

It's been a little more than three weeks since I returned home from my trip to Uganda, Africa. When I returned I had a little stomach bug and then was thrown back into my life up here at Mizzou. So I haven't really had a chance to sit down and write about it all. Much less process it all. So I'm going to attempt to do that here. I'm going to break it up into two to three parts so it isn't SO much information.  But this is different than my usual posts. I'm getting real with y'all and showing you a little slice of my personal life. So here is a little introduction to my trip:

I was so excited to return. It's hard to put my feelings into words about it all. But God definitely shook me up. Because for some reason, I didn't think this trip would be much different from my first time there. But it was. It was good, but different. In the beginning of the trip I really struggled with my purpose there. We were building most of the time and I'm not the strongest girl around. I was joyful to serve Him in the building of this medical lab, but I also found myself discouraged that I wasn't the biggest help.

After praying about this, He soon showed me through countless of new relationships formed that this is why I was brought back. The people there are so kind hearted and bless you more than you could ever bless them. This beautiful woman, Mama Juliette, was just one of many that captured our hearts. Her love and joy for the Lord exceeded all of the troubles she faced. 

Our team was awesome. There were so many laughs on this trip and so many great stories to return home with. The silliest stories are what make a trip come full circle. I'm thankful I got to spend two weeks with these people. Here we are with the men we worked along side with on the job site. 

It was also awesome having this goofy guy by my side during the trip. Sharing the experience of Africa with both of my parents is so special to me. 

And I'm excited to see the future of this medical lab and how it can serve the needs of those it's available to. It's a huge addition to this village and will meet the needs of so many people. 

Stay tuned for another post or posts about my trip! (Depends on how I want to break it up!) 
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{all photos by Mike Pessina}

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  1. I had a similar experience when I wen to Nicaragua because they were putting in water lines and I couldn't even pick up the pickax. BUT, like you, I found the real joy of the experience was the people I was able to meet! I think they touched me way more than I could have touched them.
    I loved this post and am looking forward to your next one :)



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