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A fashion and lifestyle blog wouldn't be complete without sharing bits and pieces of my life with y'all. So here are so snap shots from my instagram. Be sure to follow me: @kateaustin3

1. Over my spring break I got to see my good friend Jacy. Catching up and talking about the blogging world is always so refreshing! It's also becoming a trend to take photos with our matching shoes. 

2. I just started a Bible study with my good friend Madi and I'm so excited. Being able to learn more about God's word with a good friend is awesome! (Also black tea lemonade AKA Arnold Palmers are my go-to) 

3. My small group got together to craft some mugs. After some browsing Pinterest for some inspiration I came up with this and I'm quite pleased with the result. Also, if you haven't noticed by now...I love Africa. 

4. I also got to see my good friend Kelli over break! She's often times the one behind the camera for my posts. She rocks. (She was also dog sitting. Meet Penny!)

5. Have you heard of Serengetee? Oh you haven't? Well check them out! I plan to post a more in depth post about this awesome company in the near future. They're doing great things and deserve to be recognized for it. 

6. Annnddd of course this post wouldn't be complete with out my home girls ;)

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my roomie, Emi! She recently started a blog called Motivation Station. She posts really inspiring posts and I'm so excited she started this blog! I'm also so blessed to have her as a roommate. So click that link and show her some love!! 

Until next time...

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