Harry Potter.

I recently came across this personality quiz and a Harry Potter match up via Story of My Life blog. I love this blog and all of the creative things Jenni posts. Although I'm not participating in her Blogtember, I thought this quiz was one of the greatest things I've stumbled across yet. I'm a sucker for personality quizzes to begin with. I guess I just like learning more about the kind of person I am from an outside point of view. Pair that up with Harry Potter and I'm SOLD. I mean, who doesn't love Harry Potter? Exactly. 
Anyways, start HERE. Find out what your personality type is! 
THEN! Refer to this chart to see who you share your personality type with.
For a zoomed in version click HERE.

And LASTLY, if/when you take the test, share with me who you are! 

P.S. I'm Neville Longbottom :)

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  1. ESFJ -- I took one of these in class a couple weeks ago & my results came out the exact same! Funny how that works!

    Such a fun little post Sweet Kate :)

    <3 Laney


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