Top: Piko 1988  |  Jeans: The Limited  Necklace: F21   Sandals: Target (in stores)

This weekend I was working on a project for U lala and Abbey, the lovely lady who I was taking pictures of, offered to take pictures of me for my blog. I originally didn't plan to even feature this outfit because you all have seen all of these pieces if not once, multiple times. *yawn*
BUT I really did like how these photos turned out. The lighting is great and my school has some spectacular scenery. It's also that awkward time of year when the weather is summer one week and fall the next. And yes, I do realize this look doesn't scream FALL!
You caught me. I currently have no fall apparel at school. 
Yikes is right! But never fear, I'm going home in a couple of weeks. Until then, bear with me.

As always, thanks for stopping by! 

{Special S/O to Abbey for taking these pictures for me!}

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  1. These photos turned out so cute! And I think that this outfit is definitely fall :) I'm struggling because I want to wear my cute new fall clothes but it's kind of been warm again! Love this post though!



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