Top: F21  | Skirt: Target (old)  | Flats: Jessica Simpson (Lepolia Flats)

I mostly feature casual looks on my blog, but today I wanted to step things up. I paired this printed skirt with a simple black top and some sparkly flats. Being as tall as I am, I usually grab flats over heels. However, this look would look great with a black pump. Finish the look off with a black clutch and you're good to go. 


mid september update.

First off, I have to say that my Harry Potter blog post went viral via Pinterest and I'm still in shock at the amount of page views this little blog of mine has gotten. It's unreal.
Also, if anyone recalls my last post, "awkward" you know that I'm struggling in the clothing department here at school (aka I have no boots!). I have some back up outfit photos tucked away from when I went home last, but they're not appropriate to this weather and season. Like I said, bear with me. I'll have outfits soon enough and all will be right in the blogging world!
For now, I just wanted to share some of my latest instas. You know, to let you in on the daily aspects of my life in case you don't (for some odd reason) follow me on Instagram.

To sum up all of these photos, I can say that coffee is a necessary part of any morning. I'm not a morning person whatsoever, but seeing a lovely sunrise on occasion isn't so bad. Mizzou is my home away from home. I love it here. It's just missing some of my favorite people from back home and my animals (isn't my dog, Daisy, such a sleeping beauty?)  Lastly, I'm making note of the fact I've only posted two ootd's (outfit of the day) since being at school. Must change that. 




Top: Piko 1988  |  Jeans: The Limited  Necklace: F21   Sandals: Target (in stores)

This weekend I was working on a project for U lala and Abbey, the lovely lady who I was taking pictures of, offered to take pictures of me for my blog. I originally didn't plan to even feature this outfit because you all have seen all of these pieces if not once, multiple times. *yawn*
BUT I really did like how these photos turned out. The lighting is great and my school has some spectacular scenery. It's also that awkward time of year when the weather is summer one week and fall the next. And yes, I do realize this look doesn't scream FALL!
You caught me. I currently have no fall apparel at school. 
Yikes is right! But never fear, I'm going home in a couple of weeks. Until then, bear with me.

As always, thanks for stopping by! 

{Special S/O to Abbey for taking these pictures for me!}


Harry Potter.

I recently came across this personality quiz and a Harry Potter match up via Story of My Life blog. I love this blog and all of the creative things Jenni posts. Although I'm not participating in her Blogtember, I thought this quiz was one of the greatest things I've stumbled across yet. I'm a sucker for personality quizzes to begin with. I guess I just like learning more about the kind of person I am from an outside point of view. Pair that up with Harry Potter and I'm SOLD. I mean, who doesn't love Harry Potter? Exactly. 
Anyways, start HERE. Find out what your personality type is! 
THEN! Refer to this chart to see who you share your personality type with.
For a zoomed in version click HERE.

And LASTLY, if/when you take the test, share with me who you are! 

P.S. I'm Neville Longbottom :)



Top: Old  |  Maxi: Old Navy  |  Sunnies: Target

 With the weather still in the 90s here in Missouri, my wardrobe hasn't made even the slightest transition into fall. So sad, right?! I just keep telling myself to make the most of it until then though. I'm sure I'll be complaining about the cold weather soon enough. But to make the most of it, I've styled my beloved maxi skirt once again. I paired it with a breezy tank that I've had in my closet for some time. I'm really trying to make the most of the pieces I have instead of buying more (which I'm sure just made my mom so proud reading that). 
With that being said, happy Monday!


navy prep.

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger  | Sunnies: Target | Wedges: Target | Bracelet: Very Jane

I went home for Labor Day this weekend had such a relaxing weekend being absolutely lazy. It's always nice seeing my parents and my animals. I do have to say with school starting, I've felt MIA around my own blog. I'm just not on top of things. I know school is important (as it should be), but I almost feel like a parent neglecting my child. It's awful. Really the hardest part is finding a time to take pictures. Therefore, I'm so grateful my mom is willing to snap a few for me when I do come home. They may not be the best, but we work with what we've got. :)
I've had this dress in my closet for years because it is so classic. Therefore, I decided to keep it simple with some wedges, sunnies, and a gold link bracelet. 

Have a wonderful day!