home sweet home & day 19.

I've enjoyed this time at home so far. There's really no place like home and these sweet faces (plus 2 more! I have kitties!) are part of the reason I stick around :) 
I thought I'd dive right back into the 'blog every day in May' challenge so here we go! 

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

Well you all already know from Day 5 that Jacy's blog lenore lamé is among my favorites, but I have SO many it's hard to narrow it down. You'll probably recognize at least 50% of these, because their blogs have quite the followings.  
So here's five more that I completely adore: 

I found Emily's blog via her instagram and I'm constantly blown away at her ability to layer and mix prints.  

I started reading this blog wayyy before I started blogging and I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon it, but I'm happy I did. 

Jacy introduced me to this blog and I'm so glad she did. Rita is so sweet, encouraging, has adorable style and some yummy recipes!

Love love love. Her looks are so put together and her color schemes blow my mind. I'd love to have this closet.

I found this blog not too long ago and realized we share the same home town! Small world. Kinsey is a beautiful photographer and has genius DIYs. 

Literally my list could go on and on and on. AND ON. 
Because I have so many favorites :( 
I'd love to know who some of your favorites are! I love finding new blogs, so please share! 


  1. LOVE all of these blogs! Kinsey is crazy talented...so jealous!

  2. Just saw this....THANK YOU SO MUCH KATE:)! Means the world to me! Hope you're having a great Memorial Day Weekend girl:)!


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