color blocked.

Hello lovely readers! I hope the start of your weeks have been great! 
I'm so excited for this weekend because my parents are coming up to visit me. I'm hoping to capture this weekend's events and post on here. I'm not going home until the middle of May, so this will be such a nice treat! 
But for today's post, I'm finally posting this fun color blocked look (as seen featured as my just kate facebook profile picture). 
I love my pops of color and I think this high-low top does a fantastic job of adding that touch.
It's a unique boutique find! (what a rhyme I did there haha)

(I once again took the liberty of cuffing my skinnies)

I got this bubble necklace from the website www.veryjane.com 
There are so many cute deals everyday! Check it out! 

And to wrap up this post with some more random-ness, I'd love to give a shout out to my best friend Mandy for getting engaged last week. Weddings are so exciting and I can not wait to celebrate that next year! 

Also special thanks to my good friend Kelli for my photos. Shooting with her is a blast! 
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  1. So awesome blog! Love it))
    You have a new follower here! Hope you'll do the same, dear!
    Have a great day!


  2. So fun!! Love that you styled s cute top with sneakers! I feel like this top can be dressy too, which is always nice :)



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