OOTD + my weekend

 I thought I'd start off with a little OOTD for today! Spring calls for sundresses as often as possible and I love this one (it ties into a super cute bow in the back as well). But I mainly wanted to show off my Target sandals that came in the mail! They're the new hot commodity and couldn't pass them up after seeing them featured on so many other blogger's instagrams. 

 You can find them HERE

 Anyways, this weekend was Mom's weekend and I was sooo happy to spend this weekend with my parents. It was so nice to some what "get away". Two and a half more weeks and I'll be done with my first year of college. I'll be on to the real world in the blink of an eye. SO scary. I can't even think about it. 
But anyways, this weekend was filled with some good food, laughs, and quality time with my parents. I don't know what I'd do with out them. (so cheesy, but true) 

Also, I apologize for the photo quality and random-ness. My computer (who I've named Martha) is getting quite up there in age and has been acting up lately. Therefore, I had to experiment with a different editing process. I'm hoping to take her in this week and give her some rehab. 
In the mean time, have a glorious week and I'll be back on schedule for posting on Thursday!


color blocked.

Hello lovely readers! I hope the start of your weeks have been great! 
I'm so excited for this weekend because my parents are coming up to visit me. I'm hoping to capture this weekend's events and post on here. I'm not going home until the middle of May, so this will be such a nice treat! 
But for today's post, I'm finally posting this fun color blocked look (as seen featured as my just kate facebook profile picture). 
I love my pops of color and I think this high-low top does a fantastic job of adding that touch.
It's a unique boutique find! (what a rhyme I did there haha)

(I once again took the liberty of cuffing my skinnies)

I got this bubble necklace from the website www.veryjane.com 
There are so many cute deals everyday! Check it out! 

And to wrap up this post with some more random-ness, I'd love to give a shout out to my best friend Mandy for getting engaged last week. Weddings are so exciting and I can not wait to celebrate that next year! 

Also special thanks to my good friend Kelli for my photos. Shooting with her is a blast! 
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plain white tee meets emerald.

Weather here has been so up and down. But I guess I should be used to that considering I've lived in the Midwest my whole life. Luckily we've had some beautiful days and summer is upon us!
Anyways, I paired these emerald jeans (holla for incorporating the color of the year - so stylish) with a plain white tee. What can I say? I love my basics. 

I paired this look with a fun cheetah headband, some jewels, and some sunglasses from Target. 
(I opt for cheap sunglasses because I constantly break mine)

Something I love to do with my skinnies is cuff them. This makes almost any pant versatile from winter to spring! 

Also, I'm making some minor changes around the blog. I feel I need to mix up my writing style and incorporate more bits and pieces of my life. I'm excited for what is to come and summer will allow me to expand, have more frequent posts, and more variety!


jeans   sandals (similar  sunglasses (similar)


to the max.

Maxi: Old Navy  Top: The Limited (similar  Sunglasses: Target

I was sooo badly seeking out a maxi skirt and I'm so happy with this one! The cotton material is so light that I'll definitely be wearing this a lot this summer and I'm highly considering purchasing another.
It's a piece that is so versatile. It looks all fancy and what not, but is comfy enough to sleep in! (although, I can say I haven't done that) 
I paired this look with some gold accents and a bright orange tee. 
Maxi's make almost every look look effortlessly put together, so I think it's safe to say  you'll be seeing more looks featuring maxi skirts! 



meet madison.

Everyone, meet Madison! 
She is one of those people that I look at and think, "Wow her style is amazing and she is so gorgeous!" And her hair is to die for. Don't you think? Not many people can rock a middle part like that. 
(She inspired me, and I've been trying out the middle part on myself and it's growing on me!) 
Anywho! On to the look: 
 I think this look is so chic, yet causal. The light neutrals tie in together perfectly. I'm totally loving this olive green jacket, which has that military vibe (a trend that is that is still sticking around for 2013). It's perfect for spring, but can be used in the fall paired with warmer, darker tones. When I asked Madison to guest blog I knew she would deliver with something adorable. I wish I could share a closet with her. Also, her sister, Amanda, is a photographer and aren't these pictures great?
Madison is a new blogger herself, so check her out HERE and show her some love!
To see more of her sister's work, click HERE!
With this duo, I'll be looking forward to Madison's posts all the time!
(you may even see her again on Just Kate!) 



coral squared.

I love having the opportunity to do this collaboration with Jacy! She's been a huge help with my blogging and has been such a blessing to have here at Mizzou. We share the same hometown so we often ride home together and the conversation is endless. It's nice having a fellow blogger as a friend to talk blogging and fashion. 
Anyways! We chose to spotlight the color coral. 
I chose to break out my white jeans and pair them with this slouchy tee from a local boutique. (It's so comfy!) I chose to finish off this outfit with a cute floral headband from Forever 21 and these wedges from Target. Coral can be defined by many shades and is the perfect color to debut spring with! 

To see more of Jacy's coral look click HERE!




Top: Old find   Cardigan: F21   Jeans: F21   Wedges: Madden Girl  | Sunglasses: Target

You know those pieces that you purchase and they hold memories? That's this top. My grandparents took my cousin and me to London several years ago (yes, it has some age on it) and that's where I purchased it. I'm still a fan. I'll probably try to hold onto it long after I grow out of it, because I often convince myself I still need half the clothes in my closet I rarely wear. I love the sweetness it has and I doubled the sweetness with this cardigan. I cuffed some skinny jeans and added a pair of wedges to complete this look. 
I hope you're enjoying the nice weather if you have it where you are! 

{also, another huge thanks to my friend Kelli for taking these photos. show her some love HERE!}
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