hot hot pink.

Sweater: Ann Taylor  (old)  | Cords: Free People (on sale!)
Heels: Jessica Simpson  

I love these bright pink cords! They're so fun and there are endless ways to style them. Here I chose to pair them with a neutral sweater and cream heels. It gives the look its pop without being too much on the eye. When working with any colored denim (or in this case cords), it's best to pair them with a subtle color or print. If you're new to colored denim start off with a color you're comfortable with and visualize what they would best work with in your closet (my dark green jeans would be a great color to start with). From there, ease into brighter colors. Once you try them and find different ways of styling them you'll be excited to wear them! 
Tell me what color of denim is your favorite to wear! 


{once again, a huge thank you goes out to Jacy for taking these pictures. check out her blog Lenore Lamé}


  1. These pants are the cutest...especially on you because you're a little skinny mini! I kind of want to try a pale pink pair, but I don't know how flattering they would be.

    Let's take some more pictures this weekend, shall we?? :)


  2. Great outfit, love your necklace :) x

  3. Love the coloured jeans! very cute :)

  4. the cords are great! you have amazing legs, btw

    xo the egg out west.


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