dorm decor.

Now I know that not everyone coming across my blog is in college or preparing to start sometime this year, but I know how helpful posts like this can be for some people. I remember hunting down anything helpful via Google or Pinterest upon heading to college. 

So with that said, welcome to my home away from home! :) 

Bedding & Lamp: Target

Where shall I begin? 
How about bedding? 
Start by choosing a color scheme you like. I decided on light yellow and blue. Although, my room is mainly light blue. To me, it's very calm and soothing (well, as calm and soothing as a dorm room can be). I'm also all about lighting that isn't harsh. Using a lamp and a string of Christmas lights makes a difference. My roommate has some too! 

Tip: Lofting your bed (if you have the option) is ideal for creating more space.
And adding a cube ottoman helps get into to bed while providing more storage.

I suggest using a small rod and hanging a curtain in front of your closet. It helps to keep the clutter hidden! Also stacking appliances helps keep everything central. I had some of my Instagram pictures turned into magnets (via http://stickygram.com). It's also fun to proudly display an exam you do well on! Anything to add personality and make your room feel comfortable is key. 
Lastly, I suggest adding a large rug to your room (sorry mine is barely pictured). It adds more warmth to any room! 

I'm sure I missed a lot so if you have questions, just ask! Also, if anyone is interested in more posts like this, let me know and I'd be glad to do more!


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  1. Such a cute post idea! Love the Christmas lights :)



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