favorite things.

I thought I'd start with a post including some of my favorite things that will be seen pretty often in my blog. They're the items I wear daily and there's someone you'll have to meet. 

These are the rings I wear all the time and absolutely love. They all have a meaning. The middle one I share with my mom and the right, blue one is my dad's birthstone.
Adorable, right? 
Both are from Pandora and can be found here and here.
(The left is really old, but I got it from American Eagle) 

In almost every post from here on out I will probably be wearing this diamond pendant. I wear it literally all the time and I only took it off to capture this picture. It's simple and elegant. 


Meet Willy. He's the sweetest thing ever. And I like to think we have a special bond. I also think he'd make for a great plus size cat model. So if Iams needs a new star for a commercial, here's your kitty. 

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  1. so beautiful rings! :*



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