baby it's cold outside.

Ear warmer: Etsy {love this shop}  |  Scarf: Macy's  | Coat: North Face  | Jeans: Forever 21 | Boots: Hunter

When starting my blog, I knew that I wanted a component of my blog to be about incorporating outfit posts. So of course I've been brainstorming. But I must admit, bundling up in my coat wasn't my number one idea for my first outfit post. When it comes to starting a new blog, especially a fashion blog, you want to make a good first impression. 

After a week or so of trying to make plans to take pictures and the weather not cooperating, I decided I couldn't wait any longer. Today it's a chilly 23 degrees and so I thought why not come up with a warm weather outfit? I head back to school next week and this is something I would wear when heading to class (especially when it starts snowing). It's sometimes hard to look cute and be warm. So incorporating a cream infinity scarf with a matching ear warmer (which in itself is completely adorable), makes walking around campus not so bad. 

I am so excited to start posting more looks! Which will be a little more fashionable ;) 



  1. I've been having trouble with doing outfit posts too and I'm so sick of wearing jeans! This is the perfect cold weather look though, and I've found that people love casual looks just as much as the dressy ones, because sometimes finding things to wear on an everyday basis is harder.
    Your blog looks great though! Keep up the good work :)



    1. Thanks so much Jacy!
      Your support is awesome and means so much :)

  2. hello :)
    lovely blog I must say.. :))
    I'm a beginner in blogging too so I know how you feel :)
    wish you luck!

    1. Thanks so much! :)
      Good luck to you too!

  3. hey kate!!! i found your blog through the LC community :) i looove your boots and don't feel bad about your "first" fashion outfit, i prefer REAL outfits than to see you in heels freezing! :) following you now via GFC

  4. LOVE this outfit! So cute. You also have the most gorgeous blonde hair :) I am your newest follow and would love to follow each other!


    1. Thank you so much! I'm now following you :)


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