bows on bows.

Shirt: F21 (old) | Blazer: Macy's (similar
Skirt: F21 (old) | Shoes: White House Black Market (old) 

All of these pieces in my closet are somewhat old, but one of the greatest parts of fashion is mixing and matching. With a few key pieces in your closest you can come up with so many outfit variations. I love this skirt and its cute cheetah bow pattern. It adds a pop of color, but at the same time incorporates neutrals. Who doesn't love neutrals? 
Going along with the bow theme of my skirt I chose my black bow heels. It's always good to have a black heel in your closet because they go with just about anything. I love these because of the bows (of course) and the cut outs. 
To add some warmth to the outfit I wore nude tights (you can barely tell and my legs weren't completely bare in the cold) and threw on a black blazer. 


{also a huge thank you goes to Jacy for taking these pictures. check out her blog here: http://laviedelenore.blogspot.com}


green prep.

Sunglasses: Target (similar pair here |  Chambray: Marshall's (really wanted this one)
 Sweater: Ann Taylor (similar here| Jeans: The Limited (on sale, yay!) 
Necklace: F21 | Boots: Steve Madden  

Last weekend, the weather was so beautiful that I barely mind the sun spots on all of these photos (hence the sunglasses). This is the first pair of colored jeans I'll be styling. I love the layered prep look. My mom purchased this sweater for me last spring and it's a tad short for my tall frame. Therefore, it's perfect for adding a collared shirt underneath. I chose a chambray shirt to wear underneath (so trendy right now). I think the denim goes nicely with the emerald jeans and kind of creates an opposite effect (denim on top instead of bottom). I chose this statement necklace to tie in the warm tone of my boots while adding a feminine touch to the outfit. 



black + white.

(I had to add these last two because I think it's so funny my little dog, Rosie, is in the background)

Top: H&M (old) | Sweater: Marshall's | Jeans: Lola (found at a BCBG outlet)  | Boots: Steve Madden 

I love looks that are wearable on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, I love to dress up, but finding outfits that I can wear any where and feel put together are great. (I think anyone can agree with that) 

You can't really mess up a black, white, and grey outfit. (Unless it's all black. Then you may be mistaken for a ninja.) I love color, but sometimes just sticking to the basics is good too. 

I plan to do some upcoming looks featuring colored jeans, which are fun to mix and match with!  




I mentioned that Africa would be brought up in my posts at some point! I don't just stop at fashion ;) 
It's very near and dear to my heart so I'd thought I'd share a little bit about my story. 
To some people going on missions to far away places is out of their comfort zone. Especially all they way to Africa.  They would rather just contribute financially. For me, I so badly wanted to go, but my parents kept telling me no. I begged and begged. I prayed to God that if this is where He wanted me to go, then He'd find a way to send me. He did indeed. My parents out of the blue one day decided we would go as a family. 

The ministry we help is called Watoto Children's Ministry and is located in Uganda (You may have seen their choir on tour in the US). But let me tell you, when you go over there you see SO many beautiful smiling faces of orphaned kids who just want to be loved. 
What we do is build. We build facilities their village needs in order to continue to raise these beautiful children. They're given a home, a family, food, and an education. All the while, they're being raised in an environment filled by the Lord's love. We also minister to the house mothers. Many teams go and help Watoto by building and loving on the kiddos (which is awesome!). But our team wanted to reach out to the mom's who themselves have gone through so much. And they're raising eight children!! We taught them basic everyday things that we take for granted (first aid, dental care, etc). Seeing their appreciation was awesome! And it's cool to have the opportunity to go and experience. So if you do, don't hold back! 

I could literally write a novel about Uganda, Africa. But instead I'll leave you for now with some pictures, a video (please watch if you have the time!), and a link. My good friend Mandy and I started selling bracelets to raise funds to finish the medical lab our team started in 2011. We're going back this summer to complete it! We'd love for you to check them out and like us on facebook here or even place an order here

Suubi Village
Brick tosses
 I know you want to take her home!
 School time

Learn more about Watoto here.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to email me!



baby it's cold outside.

Ear warmer: Etsy {love this shop}  |  Scarf: Macy's  | Coat: North Face  | Jeans: Forever 21 | Boots: Hunter

When starting my blog, I knew that I wanted a component of my blog to be about incorporating outfit posts. So of course I've been brainstorming. But I must admit, bundling up in my coat wasn't my number one idea for my first outfit post. When it comes to starting a new blog, especially a fashion blog, you want to make a good first impression. 

After a week or so of trying to make plans to take pictures and the weather not cooperating, I decided I couldn't wait any longer. Today it's a chilly 23 degrees and so I thought why not come up with a warm weather outfit? I head back to school next week and this is something I would wear when heading to class (especially when it starts snowing). It's sometimes hard to look cute and be warm. So incorporating a cream infinity scarf with a matching ear warmer (which in itself is completely adorable), makes walking around campus not so bad. 

I am so excited to start posting more looks! Which will be a little more fashionable ;) 



favorite things.

I thought I'd start with a post including some of my favorite things that will be seen pretty often in my blog. They're the items I wear daily and there's someone you'll have to meet. 

These are the rings I wear all the time and absolutely love. They all have a meaning. The middle one I share with my mom and the right, blue one is my dad's birthstone.
Adorable, right? 
Both are from Pandora and can be found here and here.
(The left is really old, but I got it from American Eagle) 

In almost every post from here on out I will probably be wearing this diamond pendant. I wear it literally all the time and I only took it off to capture this picture. It's simple and elegant. 


Meet Willy. He's the sweetest thing ever. And I like to think we have a special bond. I also think he'd make for a great plus size cat model. So if Iams needs a new star for a commercial, here's your kitty. 


my first post!

Starting a blog is something that has been in the back of my mind, but I've never pursued. I told myself that it wouldn't be successful, but I pushed all of the what if's out of my mind to start the unknown. I'm excited to become a part of the blogging community! 

My blog is about documenting my life and style. Why don't you join me?